Is Purgatory real?  Could the Afterlife require suffering?  Can the living help alleviate the anguish of the dead?  This groundbreaking documentary investigates these compelling life-after-death questions through spiritual, scientific, and cultural perspectives.

Drawing on this centuries-old article of faith professed by Catholics, this comprehensive expose reveals the formidable spiritual alliance Catholics once shared and hope to reinvigorate with the departed souls.  

From the award-winning producer of (Ocean of Mercy, Audrey’s Life, Fourteen Flowers of Pardon) this film uncovers new research offering fresh insights unavailable just a generation ago. 

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Now for the first time top scholars, scientists, historians, and church leaders revisit age-old questions and embark on a spiritual quest to unlock the controversy and consolation of Purgatory: The Forgotten Church.  HD DVD Running Time: 85 mins.

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